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  • img1Caroline Mathias Pereira

    This is a one of a kind gym with great amenities... the cross fit section is very well planned and equipped.. Also being a woman at a gym.. comfort matters the most.. and I feel absolutely at ease working out here. The trainers are great and an inspiration for others who need to set their goals !

  • img2Reshma Gurbani

    I have never gone to any gym till now, I am very happy to join 9th Gear. Every day I reach home around 9 pm, even after full day's hectic schedule, my trainer motivates me come even for half an hour, my trainer has helped me changing my eating habits, he has made my diet plan according to my schedule, which is helping me a lot , I never use to drink more than 1 liter of water, my trainer has given me mobile application of water intake which is again helping me a lot , it keeps reminding me to drink water, now daily I drink almost 3 litre , which is required for my body. Thanks to team 9th Gear.. And special thanks to Mr. Mayank Gupta & Ms. Darshna Amin Gupta for giving us such a wonderful gym and friendly environment., last but not the least my trainer Sahil sir & Pranav sir.

  • img3Dhruva Choksi

    Super Duper Gym, with ultra modern facilities & equipments & also spacious. Trainers with superb technical & practical knowledge. 9th Gear is ultra fine & next generation Gym, awesome experience. Those who are aware about fitness, & those who are not must visit.... a must.. must visit !!

  • img4Devang Amin

    An experience that will leave a permanent impression on minds. A perfect blend of contemporary fitness club with attention to detail, precision, and positive vibes. Let your body speak it's own version of story.

  • img5Unnati Dargar

    Soo far best gym in mulund!quiet a lot of options for different workouts available..the crossfit area is huge!the ambience is great

  • img6Mithil Vora

    Great amenities...the cross fit section is well equipped,the equipment's are of the best brand.One of the best gyms in Mulund.

  • img7Sydon Pereira

    One of its kind in Mulund. CrossFit facilities are too good